Sunday, 25 April 2010

British man stabbed to death in Benalmádena.

British man stabbed to death in Benalmádena. "Police are investigating the death of a 32-year-old man from London who was attacked at his home in Benalmádena on Wednesday morning. His girlfriend, who was present during the attack, called emergency services.
An ambulance was dispatched to the Yolamar appartment complex in Arroyo de la Miel but there was nothing the paramedics could do to save the man, whose body presented signs of at least two stab wounds and several other incisions, and he was pronounced dead at around 2 p.m.
The initial investigation by National Police has revealed that the victim was at home with his girlfriend when, at around 10.30 a.m., the two attackers arrived. It appears that the victim, P.F, knew the two individuals because he opened the door to them, and they had a discussion inside the flat, which became heated. According to the reconstruction carried out by police, during the struggle one of the assailants went to the kitchen, took a knife and attacked P.F. After stabbing him a number of times, the two men fled the scene."

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Man jailed for murder bid at old haunted mansion |Crime Scene Spain

Man jailed for murder bid at old haunted mansion |Crime Scene Spain: "man who tried to kill his friend so he could join a satanic sect has been jailed for five years. The 30 year old who has psychiatric problems, did not have to face trial as he admitted the charge and accepted the prosecutors sentence.
It was in October 2008 that the accused took a kitchen knife and attempted to stab his friend at the infamous Cortijo Jurado in the Campanillas area of Malaga. But the friend grabbed the knife and managed to escape to a nearby warehouse where he asked for help.
When police arrived, the accused told them that he wanted join a satanic sect and had to sacrifice someone so that he would be admitted.
Cortijo Jurado – known locally as Casa Encatada (haunted house) – is a 19th century two-storey abandoned mansion surrounded in mystery.
It once belonged to Manuel Agustin Heredia, a prominent Malaga figure. After he died and heors inherited the property many strange events are rumoured to have taken place within its walls, including satanic rituals, perverse sexual acts and human sacrifices.
Legends are partly tied to the disappearance of several women aged between 18 and 21, with their bodies found dead three days later on the riverbank close to the house. Though police records do not tie Heredia family members to the mysterious disappearances, there are believed to be several tunnels under the house that lead directly to where the bodies were found, and rooms said to contain torture aparatus.
In 1925, after facing financial difficutly the family gave the property to related nobility in the area. The property is now owned by Mirador de Campanillas s.a, which have plans to turn it into a hotel."

Marseille Mafiosi on trial in Malaga |Crime Scene Spain

Marseille Mafiosi on trial in Malaga |Crime Scene Spain: "dangerous mafia gang from Marseille. The gang, with French nationality but originally from Algeria, attempted to hijack a French police van with a helicopter to rescue one of its members.
They will soon be on trial in Malaga Provincial Court for drug trafficking, document forgery and owning an arsenal of forbidden military weapons which they kept hidden in chalets in Coin, Marbella and Benahavis, which was discovered in a police operation codenamed Arenal in 2007.
During the operation police were able to see that the men were constantly armed when they were in the house, even when they used the toilet.
One of them has sentences pending against him in France which amount to 35 years, he was arrested in Benahavis. Another two men, aged 25 and 24, one with an extensive criminal record and the other sentenced for drug trafficking were arrested in Marbella, and a fourth man was arrested in Mijas.
Officers confiscated six guns, two revolvers, ammunition, silencers, bullet-proof jackets, six stolen cars, 1,500 kilos of hashish, a money counter, false documents and large sums of money."

British bank robber behind bars on the Costa Del Sol |Crime Scene Spain

British bank robber behind bars on the Costa Del Sol |Crime Scene Spain: "BRITON is among three people arrested who are believed to have committed at least 12 bank robberies in Valencia and on the Costa del Sol.
The two others are Italian and they were all said to be living between Mijas and Fuengirola. The officers had been following their every move for several months before a raid in which the two vehicles they had used to commit the crimes were intercepted and found to contain the tools of their ‘trade’.
Their MO was to blow up cash machines with gas, and the tools included an electric gun to light the fuse, acetylene gas, balaclavas and wigs to alter their appearance. They would introduce that gas through the card slot and then set fire to it to cause an explosion, causing considerable damage to the banks.
The latest target in Malaga was a Cajamar bank branch located beneath a house. The noise woke the occupants who saw the gang running away empty handed. Just weeks later, they completely destroyed an Unicaja bank in Rincon de la Victoria.
They apparently introduced the gas and ran away thinking they had been seen and then came back ten minutes later and injected more gas which caused a huge explosion. They had to leave empty handed once again." - News - Costa del Sol - News - Costa del Sol: "man who has been identified as a 32 year old British man from London, named with the initials P.F. suffered deep cuts to his nose and the removal of one of his ear lobes.The two who carried out the attack fled the scene."

Friday, 23 April 2010 - News - Costa del Sol - News - Costa del Sol: "reward money was put up by four family friends who remain anonymous.According to press reports the offer of a reward has sparked a surge in calls to the hotline.
The family announced the offer of a reward in an attempt to generate more leads in the search for Amy" - News - Costa del Sol 32 year old British man from London, named with the initials P.F. suffered deep cuts to his nose and the remova - News - Costa del Sol: "Specialist and Violent Crime Unit of the Torremolinos Police has launched an investigation into the incident
According to reports in the press a man was killed by two men who visited his home on Wednesday morningit is understood from the reports the man opened the door to his aggressors and a conversation took place before the incident.The man who has been identified as a 32 year old British man from London, named with the initials P.F. suffered deep cuts to his nose and the removal of one of his ear lobes.
The two who carried out the attack fled the scene." - News - Costa del Sol - News - Costa del Sol: "thieves were arrested as they carried out their crime
According to reports in the press a Police patrol spotted the thieves on a roof of a warehouse last week in Calle Santa Justa.
It is understood from reports that the four men were using a blowtorch to cut the steal iron beams supporting the roof"

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Helsingin Sanomat - International Edition - Foreign

Helsingin Sanomat - International Edition - Foreign: "Hundreds of desperate Finns were calling their friends and the Embassy of Finland in Madrid asking about return routes as airspace remained closed and airports deserted.
Hiring a bus that normally costs a few thousand euros is now worth EUR 8,000 to 20,000. If the stranded tourists wanted to rent a mini-bus they should fork out EUR 4,000.
”The fact that bus operators have been cheating people by raising their prices has caused controversy”, reports a hoarse-voiced Leena Toivonen of Finland’s Embassy in Madrid.
After conducting a 12-hour telephone marathon in the ongoing ashcapades show, Toivonen could barely get out much more than a wheeze.
”We receive hundreds of phone calls every day, while the number of stranded Finns is at least 1,000”, Toivonen explains."

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Killer misses his date in court - National News, Frontpage -

Killer misses his date in court - National News, Frontpage - "CONVICTED wife killer Dermot McArdle missed a Spanish court hearing yesterday because of the volcanic ash cloud.
McArdle had been due to present himself at court in Malaga to pay a €220,000 fine linked to his 2008 manslaughter conviction after the death of Kelly Ann Corcoran, and to begin a two-year jail sentence.
But the air shutdown still affecting most of northern Europe prevented him from travelling to the Costa del Sol.
His solicitor is understood to have faxed court officials a copy of McArdle's flight ticket and a letter explaining his absence.
McArdle, from Dundalk in Louth, has been told to fly to Spain as soon as air travel gets back to normal.
McArdle was jailed for two years in October 2008 after a jury convicted him of unintentionally killing his wife Ms Corcoran (29) at a hotel in the Costa del Sol resort of Marbella in February 2000.
He lost two appeals against his conviction."

Monday, 19 April 2010

woman was shot dead when in the kitchen of her house in the Le Pedrera district of Dénia

woman was shot dead when in the kitchen of her house in the Le Pedrera district of Dénia, Alicante on Thursday.It happened at 2,15pm and when emergency services arrived at the scene they could only confirm the fatality.Several bullet cases were found next to the victim who was 34 years old and from Colombia.National Police investigations continue and as yet no arrests have been made. One line of enquiry is that it is another case of domestic violence.

Spanish man wanted for murder, who is reported to have been living wild in the mountains behind Estepona

46 year old Spanish man wanted for murder, who is reported to have been living wild in the mountains behind Estepona for the past two years, has been arrested by the Guardia Civil.The man us wanted for questioning in relation to the death of a 46 year old Finish woman, resident of Estepona, was finally detained last Wednesday, and is now being held in prison on remand. The victim’s body was found on the beach in Sabinillas over Christmas 2007, with two stab wounds in the back, and wrists still bound. It’s thought the body had been chopped up, weighted, and thrown out at sea, but storms had brought it back to shore.The arrested man, who has not been named in reports, worked in the same urbanisation where the victim lived.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Stabroek News - Accused Colombian drug lord nabbed on Brazil beach

Stabroek News - Accused Colombian drug lord nabbed on Brazil beach: "arrest of 42-year-old Ramon Caro on the Brazilian beach, where he was posing as a cattle rancher on vacation.
“We had been chasing him for years,” said Colombian Defense Minister Gabriel Silva. It was unclear whether Caro will be extradited straight to the United States, where he is wanted on drug trafficking and money laundering charges, or sent to Colombia first.
Caro is said by authorities to be a 20-year-veteran of Colombia’s violent cocaine trade. His operations were based in the eastern province of Casanare and police say he was linked to right-wing paramilitaries branded terrorists by Washington.
Caro was at the centre of a recent controversy when videotapes of his wedding surfaced, showing two Colombian army colonels among the guests. Both were booted out of the military as a result of the scandal.
Caro’s capture follows the arrest on Tuesday of Ramon Quintero, another suspected Colombian drug lord caught in Ecuador’s capital city Quito. Colombians wanted by the law often cross into neighbouring countries to avoid capture."

Friday, 16 April 2010

Gibraltar Chronicle - The Independent Daily First Published 1801

Gibraltar Chronicle - The Independent Daily First Published 1801: "UK Authorities, the Financial Crime Unit of the RGP provided evidence that enabled the confiscation of over £69,000. held in accounts in Gibraltar against Ellen George. The freezing order for the assets were issued by the courts in 2005, after the Attorney General’s Chambers had applied for a restraint order for the monies.Ms George is the partner of Richard Neil Davidson, Managing Director of Crompton Marine, who was arrested in Spain in relation to charges of drug trafficking, tax evasion and money laundering.
Crompton Marine built high speed Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBS) capable of speeds in excess of 60 knots, which the prosecution claimed were built for only one purpose – drug trafficking, with the core of the business in the Costa Del Sol.
The RIBS were built in the UK and then shipped to Southern Spain, Morocco and other North African countries. Davidson and his partner were accused of dealing with drug barons who would secretly pay them in cash, which they would then deposit in numerous accounts all over the world, including Gibraltar. For this purpose they had set up various companies behind which to hide their assets. When Ms George was arrested in Suffolk, over £1.2m was found in cash in holdalls and cupboards. A further 1m Euros in cash was found in their home in Spain."

Euro Weekly News | Easter crimes | Costa del Sol | News

Euro Weekly News | Easter crimes | Costa del Sol | News: "Easter period, police in Malaga arrested seven people of different nationalities charged with muggings and robberies in the city. One of the detainees is believed to have committed up to 16 car robberies."

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Liverpool - News - Liverpool Local News - Notorious gangster Pancake Taylor caught on CCTV sparking brawl at Liverpool bar

Liverpool - News - Liverpool Local News - Notorious gangster Pancake Taylor caught on CCTV sparking brawl at Liverpool bar: "pictures, taken from CCTV, show how James “Pancake” Taylor and his pals erupted into violence when doorman barred them from entering swanky Palm Sugar bar in Liverpool ONE.
The footage, played at Liverpool crown court yesterday, shows Taylor throwing a punch at a bouncer before a melee breaks out.
Taylor and his pals, including co-defendant Steven Nicholls, 29, can then be seen launching chairs at security staff while terrified passers-by flee to safety.
Robert Jansen, prosecuting, told how another member of Taylor’s gang then hurls a ceramic ashtray towards staff."

Liverpool - News - Liverpool Local News - Notorious gangster Pancake Taylor caught on CCTV sparking brawl at Liverpool bar

Liverpool - News - Liverpool Local News - Notorious gangster Pancake Taylor caught on CCTV sparking brawl at Liverpool bar: "Taylor, who was wearing a distinctive dark top with a metallic logo on the back, was identified after police viewed the CCTV footage from the late-night brawl.
Nicholls was also picked out and the men were arrested on October 7, 2009.
As he left court, Taylor tried to hide from photographers by pulling up his jumper to disguise his face.
Neighbourhood Inspector Mark Morgan, said: ' We note the sentences given. This was a shocking incident, with those convicted clearly having no regard for the safety of others. Merseyside Police is committed to keeping Liverpool city centre safe for everyone to enjoy. Violence and anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated. We will continue to work with the bars and clubs, and have processes in place to ensure that known criminals who have a history of violence are not welcome in the city centre.
'This kind of occurrence is thankfully very rare and I'd like to reassure the public that Liverpool city centre is a safe city, with incidents of recorded crime, including violence, having fallen consecutively over recent years.
'Merseyside Police will continue to patrol the city centre and provide help, advice and reassurance throughout and our firm, friendly and fair style of policing to ensure visitors to the city centre enjoy the night life that the city centre has to offer.'"

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

» Prosecutors: Black Guerrilla Family gang dealt heroin in Baltimore

» Prosecutors: Black Guerrilla Family gang dealt heroin in Baltimore: "charged 13 people with being part of a prison gang they say was trying to take over the heroin trade in Baltimore.
Two dozen people associated with the Black Guerrilla Family gang were indicted last year, but those indictments mostly centered on the gang’s prison activities. Court documents show that the gang was also active outside prison and was trying to control the heroin trade in Baltimore.
Among those charged are 36-year-old Todd Duncan of Baltimore. He’s accused of leading the gang’s operations in the Baltimore area. Documents show that 41-year-old Kimberly McIntosh handled the gang’s finances.
Duncan, McIntosh and 11 others have been charged with conspiracy to distribute heroin." - News - Costa del Sol - News - Costa del Sol: "It is understood that under Spanish law those who steal to eat are not considered to have committed a crime, but in this case it is a crime as he took other items.
According to press reports a 65 year old man who lived in the mountains in La Axarquía has been arrested in connection with some 20 or so robberies from homes in the area.It is understood that the man stole from the same house several times on some occasions, taking small amounts of food and occasionally small electrical appliances The man who has been identified as Juan A.M"

Arrested man linked to the killing of a prostitute in Córdoba.

Arrested man linked to the killing of a prostitute in Córdoba.: "Arrested man linked to the killing of a prostitute in Córdoba.
The National Police have arrested a man in Cordoba, whose identity was not disclosed, for his alleged connection with the discovery of the corpse of a prostitute with signs of violence on King Don Pelayo street in Cordoba. National Police sources told Efe of the arrest of a man in connection with this event, but they have not provided any more data, as the police investigation remains open.
The dead woman, found with signs of violence on King Don Pelayo street, was found in the home of a patron of the victim, as neighbours reported.
Some local residents told reporters that the woman was aged around 30 and came from Huelva, and that the apartment is owned by SC aged about 60 years, he living alone, was single, and, allegedly has problems with alcohol."

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Costa Del Sol crime reports |Crime Scene Spain

Costa Del Sol crime reports |Crime Scene Spain: "NATIONAL POLICE have arrested a 45-year-old man who allegedly committed at least 21 armed robberies in shops in Malaga city. He always targeted shops with few security devices and waited until the shopkeepers were alone, threatening them with knives."

marbella |Crime Scene Spain

marbella |Crime Scene Spain: "organized crime ring that specialized in the trading of greenhouse gas emission bonds and had defrauded nearly 50 million euros in unpaid taxes has been smashed by Guardia Civil and the Agencia Tributaria.
The operation called Blue Sky has already seen the arrest of nine individuals in Barcelona, Madrid, Marbella"

Friday, 9 April 2010

Sex fiends on the loose | The Olive Press

Sex fiends on the loose | The Olive Press: "capture of Glen Tranter, 40, came as it emerged that at least 37 sex offenders – including 24 British child abusers – have gone missing while travelling abroad.
A Freedom of Information request forced police in southern England to admit that dozens of sex offenders remain unaccounted for.
Now, crime agencies fear that many of the group will have fled to Spain.
“We knew straight away that he was the man the police were looking for. It’s just sickening when you think of the crimes he is wanted for.” “Spain is traditionally a hideout for UK criminals and it is fairly easy to blend into the expat community due to the high numbers of Britons living here,” said Spain-based private detective Roy Whitehouse of WIS International.
Whitehouse explained that they usually change their appearance and use new names via fake passports.
The former Scotland Yard detective added: “It is vital to keep a close eye on anyone acting suspiciously with children, and immediately report any suspicious behaviour.”"

Latin American Herald Tribune - Spaniard Arrested in Dominican Republic on Drug Smuggling Charges

Latin American Herald Tribune - Spaniard Arrested in Dominican Republic on Drug Smuggling Charges: "Juan Antonio Hidalgo de Moya, the administrator of the Startmable company, was arrested Tuesday after investigators determined the cargo containing the drugs was shipped from the Dominican Republic by that firm.

Dominican prosecutors initially accused Hidalgo de Moya of participating in a network allegedly directed by Spanish businessman Arturo del Tiempo Marquez, to whom the shipment is attributed and who has been under arrest in Barcelona since March 9.

However, Dominican authorities released Hidalgo de Moya on Wednesday, and the National District prosecutor’s office said that although the Spaniard was questioned for several hours, he was let go because no “merits” for keeping him in jail were found.

Hidalgo de Moya’s arrest and subsequent release came two weeks after the detention here of Colombian German Eduardo Duque Garcia, an associate of Arturo del Tiempo.

“During a raid conducted today (Tuesday) at the office of the Startmable company ... documents were seized providing evidence of the links of the said firm with the Prado Universal company, the owner of the 1,200 kilos of cocaine seized from Del Tiempo Marquez in Spain,” the Santo Domingo prosecutor’s office said.

After the arrest of Del Tiempo Marquez in Spain, Dominican authorities seized a luxury apartment building owned by the businessman located in an exclusive sector of Santo Domingo.

In addition, authorities confiscated a yacht belonging to the Spanish businessman and also a villa in the Casa de Campo tourist complex that Del Tiempo used to rent."

Thursday, 8 April 2010


RONDA NEWS: DATELINE RONDA THURSDAY APRIL 8 2010: "Partido Popular mayor of Gaucín, Francisco Ruiz, has reacted angrily to PSOE claims that he has disappeared. He says he has gone on holiday with his wife to a Spanish coast and would return to the town hall this week.

He had bitter words for the spokesperson of PSOE at the town hall and his predecessor as mayor, Teodoro de Molina. Ruiz added he was considering taking legal action against him for insults and injury.

PSOE claimed in the middle of last week that Ruiz had disappeared. However the mayor says he simply had gone on holiday, was in contact with his first and second deputies by phone adding that they had now paid the municipal workers for January. He insisted he had a right to enjoy his holidays and PSOE had no right to doubt his honour or how he worked.

The surprise then came when Ruiz announced he was standing down as mayor and leaving the council. This prompted the secretary general of the Partido Popular in Málaga, Francisco Salado, to seek an urgent meeting with Ruiz to see why he had resigned although the party respected his right to do so.

After the last election PSOE and the PP formed an unlikely coalition to keep the Partido Andalucista from maintaining power. The PA was then led by former mayor Francisco Corbacho who has since been barred from office by the courts over misappropriating town hall funds. Teodoro de Molina led the PSOE-PP administration but first the PP withdrew and then the PA took back control by making Ruiz mayor.

De Molina is not backing down insisting that Ruiz had fled because of the chaos he had created at the town hall. The deputy mayor, Francisco Macias, last week said he did not know where the mayor was although they had spoken by phone"

Four ‘Hell’s Angels’ arrested over for the murder of Torrevieja Notary | This Is Torrevieja

Four ‘Hell’s Angels’ arrested over for the murder of Torrevieja Notary | This Is Torrevieja: "Guardia Civil in Alicante have arrested a municipality of Murcia, Torrent (Valencia) and Almassora (Castellón) four members of the group of Hells Angels bikers, “the Hell’s Angels” – for their alleged involvement in the murder of a notary Torrevieja, who was shot dead during a robbery at his professional office in late October last year. Among the four arrested, one Russian and three Spanish citizen, is the alleged perpetrator of the shooting that took the life of Juan José Martínez Román and the other alleged assailant who was with him the day he was murdered, according to sources close the case. The operation was kept open yesterday afternoon and did not rule out further arrests.
These arrests are in addition to fifth suspect implied that he was captured early last February, coinciding with the release of the young Russian who was originally captured and released after 45 days in jail. The Guardia Civil investigators found that witnesses to the robbery had been mistaken for someone to identify you.
Among the seized property in the house searches carried out by the Guardia Civil yesterday contained a firearm that is presumably used in the deadly robbery in the office of notary. However, experts in ballistics Civil Guard now analyze it to see if it is the murder weapon as evidence suggests."

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Glen Tranter, is currently detained in Malaga and will be transferred to Madrid for an extradition hearing.

landlord Trevor Rowan (45) spoke of his shock after learning that a lodger at his home on the Costa del Sol appeared on BBC programme Crimewatch accused of child abuse. Glen Tranter, who fled the UK while on bail, is wanted on eight charges of sexual offences against girls under the age of 16. The offences which include sexual touching of a child and indecent assault, date back to 1992. Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph from his bar in Benalmadena, Mr Rowan said he “couldn’t believe it” when family and friends from Co Antrim contacted him to say they had seen Tranter on television. “It was a shock. A real shock,” the former taxi driver explained.
“He was living with me and my girlfriend, Belinda. He used to come into the bar looking for taxi jobs and we got to know him and gave him work like taking people to Malaga airport and that.” Mr Rowan said he and his girlfriend Belinda McIntosh (51), originally from the Shankill area of Belfast, offered Tranter a room after taking pity on him. “Him and his old landlord fell out and he came into the bar one night crying and so we offered him a place to stay,” said Mr Rowan. “My nephew and my father rang me and told me he was on Crimewatch. “As soon as I heard I went to the police in Gibraltar which is about an hour away from where we live and informed them that he was living in my apartment. “That was on Monday night. When he came back to the apartment I confronted him but he denied it and kept on denying it.
“I helped him pack his bags and took him round to the police.” It is understood Mr Rowan first went to the authorities in Gibraltar, a British colony, because of the language barrier. He was interviewed for around three hours during which he identified the suspect from photographs. Tranter is currently detained in Malaga and will be transferred to Madrid for an extradition hearing.

Friday, 2 April 2010

"Don Chuy Drug Trafficking Organization," the ring allegedly obtained meth in Mexico and arranged for large quantities to be smuggled into the United

"Don Chuy Drug Trafficking Organization," the ring allegedly obtained meth in Mexico and arranged for large quantities to be smuggled into the United States, concealed in hidden compartments and fake car batteries in vehicles driven across the border, according to Thom Mrozek, spokesman for the U.S. Attorney's Office. The ring then distributed the drugs through cells based in the Inland Empire and the Central Valley, as well as Washington state, Mrozek said. The organization -- named after the ring's alleged leader, Jesus Marquez- Marquez, known as "Don Chuy" -- allegedly stored the drugs in Tijuana stash houses before moving shipments across the border. Marquez-Marquez, the lead defendant in a criminal complaint filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, is believed to be somewhere in the Mexican state of Michoacan, according to federal investigators. Several of Don Chuy's top lieutenants were arrested today or were already in federal custody, Mrozek said. The alleged overseer of meth distribution in the U.S. was Jose Alfredo Jimenez, of Mira Loma, Temecula who was taken into custody this afternoon, along with the following Riverside County residents: -- Martin Garcia Angulo, known as "King Midas," of Perris; -- Sergio Chavez Pulido, known as "Checo," of Mira Loma; -- Erika Cecilia Valdovino, of Moreno Valley. -- and Alma Rodriguez, of Corona. The defendants were either directly involved in smuggling the narcotics or were aiding and abetting members of the various distribution cells, authorities alleged. The criminal complaint charges 31 defendants with conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine, which carries a statutory maximum penalty of life without parole in federal prison.
"The organization targeted today is believed to be responsible for bringing more than 200 pounds of meth into Southern California every month -- enough meth to supply thousands of people with this highly addictive and dangerous drug," said Timothy J. Landrum of the Drug Enforcement Administration. Along with today's arrests, authorities seized five pounds of the drug at a house in San Bernardino that authorities believe was maintained by the organization, Mrozek said. During an eight-month investigation of the ring, authorities seized about 90 pounds of meth with a street value of well over $5 million, Mrozek said.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Spanish police seized 2.5 tonnes of cocaine from several shipping containers from Colombia and Mexico

Spanish police seized 2.5 tonnes of cocaine from several shipping containers from Colombia and Mexico and detained three men as part of the operation, the government said Wednesday. The drugs were hidden amongst shipments of electricity generators, fizzy drinks and other merchandise that arrived in the Mediterranean port of Valencia, the interior ministry said in a statement.

Devastated bride of a man who drowned in a freak honeymoon accident on the Costa Del Sol has blamed Spanish authorities for her husband’s death.

Yesterday, a coroner in Chelmsford ruled Russell Hawkes, 34, a welder from Basildon, drowned in a “tragic accident” after going for a paddle in the sea and being caught in treacherous undercurrents. Mr Hawkes and his wife Danielle had only been married for two months when they went on holiday to the Spanish resort of Fuengirola in October, 2008. Despite coroner Caroline Beasley-Murray’s verdict of accidental death, Mrs Hawkes said her husband’s death could have been avoided if the Spanish authorities had provided holidaymakers with more warning about treacherous sea conditions. Speaking at the inquest, Mrs Hawkes said: “If I had the money to sue I would do, but I can't afford to pay for it. “My main concern is the lack of information provided about the health and safety issues. “People were not warned that there is only a flag system about dangerous water between June and September.”
Mr Hawkes died after he decided to go for a swim while taking an after-lunch stroll along the beach with his wife. Mrs Hawkes, who now lives in Milton Keynes, told the inquest she saw him get into trouble, and shouted for help. Her screams got the attention of a group of nearby surfers, who brought Mr Hawkes to shore and battled in vain to save him. The couple were married at Holy Ghost Roman Catholic Church in Luton, where Mr Hawkes moved to be with his wife.


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