Friday, 9 April 2010

Sex fiends on the loose | The Olive Press

Sex fiends on the loose | The Olive Press: "capture of Glen Tranter, 40, came as it emerged that at least 37 sex offenders – including 24 British child abusers – have gone missing while travelling abroad.
A Freedom of Information request forced police in southern England to admit that dozens of sex offenders remain unaccounted for.
Now, crime agencies fear that many of the group will have fled to Spain.
“We knew straight away that he was the man the police were looking for. It’s just sickening when you think of the crimes he is wanted for.” “Spain is traditionally a hideout for UK criminals and it is fairly easy to blend into the expat community due to the high numbers of Britons living here,” said Spain-based private detective Roy Whitehouse of WIS International.
Whitehouse explained that they usually change their appearance and use new names via fake passports.
The former Scotland Yard detective added: “It is vital to keep a close eye on anyone acting suspiciously with children, and immediately report any suspicious behaviour.”"

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