Thursday, 8 April 2010


RONDA NEWS: DATELINE RONDA THURSDAY APRIL 8 2010: "Partido Popular mayor of Gaucín, Francisco Ruiz, has reacted angrily to PSOE claims that he has disappeared. He says he has gone on holiday with his wife to a Spanish coast and would return to the town hall this week.

He had bitter words for the spokesperson of PSOE at the town hall and his predecessor as mayor, Teodoro de Molina. Ruiz added he was considering taking legal action against him for insults and injury.

PSOE claimed in the middle of last week that Ruiz had disappeared. However the mayor says he simply had gone on holiday, was in contact with his first and second deputies by phone adding that they had now paid the municipal workers for January. He insisted he had a right to enjoy his holidays and PSOE had no right to doubt his honour or how he worked.

The surprise then came when Ruiz announced he was standing down as mayor and leaving the council. This prompted the secretary general of the Partido Popular in Málaga, Francisco Salado, to seek an urgent meeting with Ruiz to see why he had resigned although the party respected his right to do so.

After the last election PSOE and the PP formed an unlikely coalition to keep the Partido Andalucista from maintaining power. The PA was then led by former mayor Francisco Corbacho who has since been barred from office by the courts over misappropriating town hall funds. Teodoro de Molina led the PSOE-PP administration but first the PP withdrew and then the PA took back control by making Ruiz mayor.

De Molina is not backing down insisting that Ruiz had fled because of the chaos he had created at the town hall. The deputy mayor, Francisco Macias, last week said he did not know where the mayor was although they had spoken by phone"

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