Saturday, 12 September 2009

Liverpool gang questioned by the Spanish Guardia Civil today on suspicion of selling ecstasy and other drugs to young holidaymakers in Ibiza

Twenty-five Britons are being questioned by the Spanish Guardia Civil on suspicion of selling ecstasy and other drugs to young holidaymakers in Ibiza.The suspects, most of them believed to be from Liverpool, were held on Friday after a series of drugs raids in the "party capital" San Antonio. Police seized between 20,000 and 23,000 ecstasy pills, quantities of other drugs including cocaine, ketamine and crystal meth, and €100,000 (£87,000) in cash.An investigating judge was expected to begin questioning the alleged dealers today. They are alleged to have spent much of the summer selling drugs to fellow Britons in the notorious West End neighbourhood of discos and other nightspots in the resort of San Antonio, on Ibiza's west coast.
Those arrested include youngsters allegedly selling the drugs at the entrances to clubs and bars, and older men alleged to be the leaders of the group. Several of those held over the weekend had reportedly been arrested earlier in the summer season.Drug-squad detectives have long suspected Liverpool-based gangs of supplying drugs to the young Britons who descend on Ibiza each summer. In 2006 members of a Merseyside gang were involved in a car chase and shoot-out with rivals in a turf war in San Antonio. Two teenage holidaymakers from Belfast were seriously injured when they were caught in the crossfire as two vehicles sped through West End with guns blazing.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Death of Irish boxer Ollie Walsh

Spanish authorities have denied that there any suspicious circumstances involved in the death of Irish boxer Ollie Walsh, 33. Mr Walsh, a former kick-boxing champion from Wexford, had been living in Spain for 18 months before he died in his home in the village of Guaro, 30 miles from Malaga on the Costa del Sol, on August 22.
Police have decided not to investigate the death, and a judge has archived the case. A spokeswoman for the Civil Guard denied reports that fake passports, weapons, needles and hand grenades were found in Mr Walsh's home.


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