Saturday, 24 April 2010

British bank robber behind bars on the Costa Del Sol |Crime Scene Spain

British bank robber behind bars on the Costa Del Sol |Crime Scene Spain: "BRITON is among three people arrested who are believed to have committed at least 12 bank robberies in Valencia and on the Costa del Sol.
The two others are Italian and they were all said to be living between Mijas and Fuengirola. The officers had been following their every move for several months before a raid in which the two vehicles they had used to commit the crimes were intercepted and found to contain the tools of their ‘trade’.
Their MO was to blow up cash machines with gas, and the tools included an electric gun to light the fuse, acetylene gas, balaclavas and wigs to alter their appearance. They would introduce that gas through the card slot and then set fire to it to cause an explosion, causing considerable damage to the banks.
The latest target in Malaga was a Cajamar bank branch located beneath a house. The noise woke the occupants who saw the gang running away empty handed. Just weeks later, they completely destroyed an Unicaja bank in Rincon de la Victoria.
They apparently introduced the gas and ran away thinking they had been seen and then came back ten minutes later and injected more gas which caused a huge explosion. They had to leave empty handed once again."

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