Thursday, 25 August 2011

Woman betrays mafia fugitive boyfriend by uploading holiday photos on Facebook

Italian and Spanish police swooped on Salvatore D'Avino, one of Italy's most wanted fugitives, as he was filling his car with petrol in a town on the Costa del Sol.
D'Avino, 39, alleged to be a member of the Naples-based Camorra mafia, had been on the run for four years.
Italian police said he had been living under an assumed identity in Morocco.
A few days ago he travelled to Spain by boat with his Moroccan girlfriend, who is pregnant.
The young woman, who has not been named, wanted to show off photographs from their holiday and uploaded a number of pictures to her Facebook page.

But the images enabled Italian police to pin-point the whereabouts of D'Avino, who was on a list of Italy's 100 most wanted alleged mafia gangsters, and they arrested him on Tuesday near Marbella.
D'Avino is alleged to be a member of one of the drug-dealing clans that make up the Camorra, the Neapolitan cousin of Sicily's better known Cosa Nostra.
He was wanted on charges of drug trafficking and mafia association and if convicted faces up to 20 years in prison.
Facebook proved to be the undoing of another alleged mafia mobster last year, when police located him by tracking the internet key he used to log onto the internet.
Pasquale Manfredi, 33, who called himself "Scarface" in tribute to the gangster film starring Al Pacino, was wanted for killing a rival godfather with a shoulder-fired rocket launcher in 2004.


Wednesday, 24 August 2011

SUSPECTED member of a terror group linked to Al-Qaeda has been detained by Spanish police in La Linea.

Abdellatif Aoulad Chiba, from Morocco, was arrested after it emerged he had been attempting to recruit members to carry out a terrorist attack involving the contamination of water supplies, according to the Spanish Interior Ministry.
The accused was operating a radical website which was used to spread propaganda and encouraged people to convert to Islam.
The Ministry alleges the website also provided training and guidance for new recruits, encouraged terrorist activity and provided links to media produced by Islamic terror groups.
Chiba is understood to have been involved in terrorist activity in the past, which had resulted in him being expelled from Jordan.
The Royal Gibraltar Police is keeping a close eye on developments and is being kept ‘in the loop’ by the Spanish authorities.

Man who survived jimson weed poisoning at Getafe rave discharged from hospital

20 year old who was admitted to hospital after attending a rave party in Getafe at the weekend, after which two others died after taking a cocktail of drugs, was discharged from hospital on Tuesday.

20 year old Álvaro L.G. was admitted to Intensive Care and analyses have shown that he took large amounts of drugs and stramonium, or jimson weed, a hallucinogenic plant which can be highly toxic.

Sources quoted by Europa Press indicate that it was a liquid preparation. He however tested negative for speed, which his friends said he had also taken. Europa Press reports that he has told the National Police that he suspects that someone slipped something into his drink.

The bodies of the two who died were both found near a local river on Sunday.

The rave was held in an abandoned building known as the Monastery of La Aldehuela. Getafe Town Hall is now studying steps to demolish the building.


José Ortega Cano to undergo more surgery

It means the ex bullfighter will not be questioned on the traffic accident will seriously injured him and killed another driver until the end of September

José Ortega Cano is to undergo two more operations next month, on his colon and his left leg, and will not now be questioned by the judge who is investigating the fatal traffic accident which seriously injured the retired bullfighter until the end of September.

His lawyer gave the news on Tuesday, after lawyers acting for the family of the man who died in the smash, Carlos Parra, said they would ask the instruction judge to call Ortega Cano in for questioning as a suspect. They said they would be making the request immediately, given the improvement in his health which the ex bullfighter has spoken of in the press.

It’s understood from Diario de Sevilla that Ortega Cano will undergo the surgery on September 14 at the Virgen Macarena Hospital in the Andalucía capital. He was in Intensive Care for more than a month after the accident at the end of May and has already had several operations. He still uses a wheelchair and has daily rehabilitation at his home in Madrid.


Woman killed by boat propeller on the Costa Blanca

37 year old woman from Elche died on Tuesday after a boating accident in Santa Pola where she fell into the water and was caught by the boat’s propeller, sustaining a massive wound across her body from her shoulder to her hip.

Ambulance crew, Cruz Roja personnel and local police worked at the scene for more than an hour to stabilise the injured woman before she was rushed to hospital in Alicante for emergency surgery. She however died on Tuesday night.

It’s understood that there were three other adults and three children on board when the tragedy happened, just as the boat was turning out to sea, when the woman is thought to have lost her balance. Diario Información indicates that the vessel is owned by the victim’s husband.


Four arrested in Spain for illegally distributing copyright films on the Net

A Civil Guard operation in Valencia and Zaragoza has arrested four people for illegally distributing copyrighted films and series on the Net without permission.

Their web pages offered some 1,500 films and series which were available, for either free download or through P2P file sharing, through a subnet which users had to be invited to join. In return, the users would contribute other audiovisual material.

The group would also replace original audio on foreign films with dubbed dialogue recorded when the films were shown in Spanish cinemas.

The Civil Guard said in a press release on Wednesday that the operation followed a complaint from the FAP Federation for the Protection of Intellectual Property and the movies portal, Comunidad Filmin.

Two Frenchmen face extradition to Spain over expat stabbing death

Andrew Milroy, a 15-year-old British expat, had been living with his parents in Spain for several years when he was stabbed during an altercation outside a club in the holiday resort of Lloret del Mar last month.
Two men aged 21 wanted for his murder were arrested a week later at their homes in the north and south east of France.
Both men admitted being involved in the fight which took place as they were leaving the club, but said they didn't know the youth had died. Both returned to France the following day.
During the Lyon court hearing today, the prosecution called for the two suspects, one a mechanic, the other a builder, to be extradited to Spain.
The suspects may still have the chance to take their fight against extradition to France's highest court of appeal, even if arrest warrants are issued.


Thursday, 11 August 2011

British tourist has died on holiday in Ibiza, officials have said.


Christopher Barrington, 31, reportedly drowned in a hotel pool in San Antonio, on the Spanish island on Tuesday.

The circumstances surrounding his death are not yet clear, and police in Spain are investigating.

A spokeswoman for the Foreign Office said: "We can confirm the death of a British national in San Antonio, Ibiza, on Tuesday August 9.

"We are offering consular assistance to the family."


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