Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Five foreign nationals were arrested in Isla Cristina, Huelva,

Local police in Isla Cristina, Huelva, have released details to EFE of a major drugs haul at the town’s port last weekend, when 5 tons of cannabis were found on board a fishing boat in the early hours of Saturday.Five foreign nationals were arrested by the Civil Guard and, while their nationalities have not been released, it’s understood that the vessel flies under a Portuguese flag, although it is based at Isla Cristina.The Civil Guard investigation remains open and further arrests have not been ruled out.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Crackdown on unregistered Spanish pay-as-you-go mobile phones

PAY-AS-YOU-GO mobile phone users have just three months to register their SIM cards, the ministry of the interior has reminded the public today.
Anyone who does not do so before November 9 will lose their number and be left without a phone line.The interior ministry says it is concerned to note that ‘several million’ mobile phone user still have not registered their SIM cards.
To do so, users should go to a point of sale of their telephone operator – such as Movistar, Vodaphone or Orange – bringing photo identification with them such as a passport or residence card.Only around 15 million SIM cards purchased before November 2007 are affected, since those bought since are automatically registered to the user. The main reasons for the change in law requiring mobile users to register their SIM cards is to enable the detection and investigation of serious crimes.
Certain criminal gangs and terrorist groups use pay-as-you-go mobile telephones to remain anonymous.

Warehouses and Villas raided in Marbella drug gang leaders arrested

Drugs Gang with clients all over Europe has been broken up in a police operation which has seen 3 arrests in Marbella. The Interior Ministry said most of the gang’s clients were in the UK, Belgium and Italy, where the drugs smuggled in from Morocco were delivered by road.The group stored the cannabis in warehouses in Marbella and laundered the proceeds through companies set up in Spain which invested the money in property and construction, both in Spain and abroad.The three men in custody are a Russian man, A.K., A Danish citizen originally from Morocco, R.N., and his brother, H.N. Police seized three top range vehicles and 50,000 € in cash in property searches which took place in Marbella and Ceuta.

16 year old Briton, Alex Hughes. is in a coma

16 year old Briton, Alex Hughes. is in a coma after being stabbed by a group of three Spaniards in Palma de Mallorca. He was on holiday in Puerto de Andratx, and witnesses say he was hit for talking to a group of Spanish girls outside a bar at 3am on Saturday morning. They say he was first punched and kicked and then hit over the head with a bottle, which left him unconscious. Local police called the emergency services.His parents Dermot and Helen have flown to the island from their home in Wales to be with their son. The father told the Sun newspaper ‘All we can do is wait with fingers crossed’. Alex remains in a serious condition, while a group of his friends have opened a page for him on Facebook.El País reports that the Guardia Civil has identified the aggressors, and expect to make arrests shortly.Alex Hughes, 16, from Radyr, near Cardiff, was hit over the head with a bottle as he left a nightclub in the Port d'Andratx resort. The Spanish Civil Guard confirmed Alex, who was staying with three friends and their parents, was injured in the attack and is in a coma. The boy's grandmother said he remains critically ill. "We are just praying that he will make it," said Pauline Simms, who lives in Aberdare, in the Cynon Valley. "He was over on holidays with friends and their parents for a nice break after doing their GCSEs. Alex was trying to escape but was hit on the head with a bottle Dr Dermot Hughes, Alex's father "They went to a little nightclub which was (in) a very quiet resort in Majorca and these Spanish boys set upon them after they came out from the nightclub on their way home. "Alex was the unlucky one to be hit on the head with a bottle." Mrs Simms said a parent of one of his friends had been waiting up for them to return, and called paramedics who took Alex to hospital in Palma. "They decided immediately to operate on him and at the moment it is still a very serious situation," added his grandmother. A Civil Guard spokesman said: "Police are investigating the incident. There are three male suspects but no arrests have been made." Police on Majorca say there are three male suspects in the case The Sun newspaper said the attackers targeted Alex and his friends because they had been dancing with local girls. Alex's father Dr Dermot Hughes, a consultant anaesthetist in neurosurgery, and his mother Helen flew out to be at their son's bedside. Dr Hughes told the paper: "All we can do is wait with our fingers crossed and pray he comes out of his coma. "Unfortunately for our boys, they waited for them to leave, drove up in a car and attacked them. "Alex was trying to escape but was hit on the head with a bottle. "Alex is a lover not a fighter. He has a quiet manner but is quick-witted - a lovely boy." Well wishers and friends from Radyr Comprehensive School where Alex is a pupil have set up a Facebook group supporting him.


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