Saturday, 24 April 2010

Man jailed for murder bid at old haunted mansion |Crime Scene Spain

Man jailed for murder bid at old haunted mansion |Crime Scene Spain: "man who tried to kill his friend so he could join a satanic sect has been jailed for five years. The 30 year old who has psychiatric problems, did not have to face trial as he admitted the charge and accepted the prosecutors sentence.
It was in October 2008 that the accused took a kitchen knife and attempted to stab his friend at the infamous Cortijo Jurado in the Campanillas area of Malaga. But the friend grabbed the knife and managed to escape to a nearby warehouse where he asked for help.
When police arrived, the accused told them that he wanted join a satanic sect and had to sacrifice someone so that he would be admitted.
Cortijo Jurado – known locally as Casa Encatada (haunted house) – is a 19th century two-storey abandoned mansion surrounded in mystery.
It once belonged to Manuel Agustin Heredia, a prominent Malaga figure. After he died and heors inherited the property many strange events are rumoured to have taken place within its walls, including satanic rituals, perverse sexual acts and human sacrifices.
Legends are partly tied to the disappearance of several women aged between 18 and 21, with their bodies found dead three days later on the riverbank close to the house. Though police records do not tie Heredia family members to the mysterious disappearances, there are believed to be several tunnels under the house that lead directly to where the bodies were found, and rooms said to contain torture aparatus.
In 1925, after facing financial difficutly the family gave the property to related nobility in the area. The property is now owned by Mirador de Campanillas s.a, which have plans to turn it into a hotel."

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