Sunday, 19 June 2011

British man arrested for drug trafficking in Santander

National Police in Santander have arrested a 50 year old British man, named with the initials A.K., who was found to have 171 kilos of hashish in his car before he could board the Santander to Plymouth ferry.

Police said the arrest came as a result of investigations which started in Madrid by their specialist UDYCO drug and organised crime unit.

Their intelligence told them that a Briton driving a Vauxhall Astra could be carrying drugs onto the ferry, and on June 14th the police found the car parked in the street in Santander. Checks at local hotels found the owner of vehicle who was arrested at 2am on June 15th when he returned to his hotel in a taxi.

He was carrying 815 €, 270 pounds, and a mobile phone, and a later search of his car found 681 packages, 171 kilos of hashish hidden in a false floor and the door panels of the vehicle.

Police estimate the value of the drugs on the market at some 250,000 €.


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