Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Juan Antonio Roca refused plea bargain in Malaya case

It has emerged that the ex Municipal Real Estate Assessor from Marbella Town Hall, and the man at the centre of the Malaya corruption allegations, Juan Antonio Roca, has rejected a plea bargain with the Málaga Anti-Corruption Prosecutor in the case.
El País reports that he refused to declare himself guilty in exchange to being allowed to keep his family estate in Marbella. The rest of his assets, valued at over 200 million €, have been automatically seized by the State.

Roca acquired the family home in Calle Estéban Calderón through a Gibraltar company in 1989 before he started work at Marbella Town Hall. Therefore it can be considered that the property is not part of the assets which have been blocked in the case. However the property is likely to have to be used to pay a fine facing Roca for money laundering, which experts expect to be placed at around 100 million €.

Roca however rejected the plea bargain, and is now in the middle of the court case which is expected to last two years and where he faces as much as 30 years in prison, and fines totalling 810 million €. He is accused of perversion of the course of justice, misuse of public funds, fraud and bribery.

On Monday the court in Málaga will hear from the people who allegedly helped Roca to launder his proceeds allegedly obtained by demanding money from businessmen in Marbella


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