Sunday, 19 June 2011

Swedish student stabbed to death in Fuengiorla Hotel

19 year old Swedish woman has died and another has been injured after a stabbing attack in a hotel in Fuengirola. The alleged aggressor, a 30 year old Moroccan who has been arrested, appears to have tried to rape the two women.

A struggle is reported with the aggressor using a kitchen knife and cutting the neck of one of the women leading to her death. The second woman suffered cuts to her hands and neck, but managed to get out of the room and call for help.

It happened at 4am on Saturday morning in the El Cid Hotel in Calle Conde de San Isidro. A statement from the hotel said that the two Swedish women had registered at the hotel on the 16th of the month with the idea of celebrating their end of course, and Saturday was to be their last night. The alleged attacked had paid for just the one night and is reported to have met the two earlier in a discotheque.


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