Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Pedro Román declares in the Malaya court case in Málaga

Pedro Román declares in the Malaya court case in Málaga: "ex Deputy Mayor of Marbella was the right hand man to Mayor Jesús Gil

The continuing Malaya corruption case in the Provincial Court in Málaga, has been hearing the declaration of the ex Deputy Mayor of Marbella, Pedro Román, over the past two days, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Pedro Román, himself a real estate promoter, was the right hand man of the Marbella Mayor, Jesús Gil y Gil, between 1991 and 1998 and was known at the start of the Gil years as ‘the smile of the regime’, given his gentle manner. He got on well with Gil and even lent him 100 million pesetas so he could acquire the Sierrablanca urbanization in Marbella.

In court on Tuesday, Román tried to put as much distance as he could from the man at the centre of the Malaya affair, the ex Municipal Real Estate Assessor in Marbella Town Hall, Juan Antonio Roca. However the two men were two of the four who set up the Swiss registered company, Lispag AG, to purchase a plot of land in Puerto Banús for 4.3 million €. After, in September 2001, the land was reclassified this land was sold for 10.45 million to the Granada builder, José Avila Rojas."

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