Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Refunds promised for Lady Gaga fans cheated in Madrid

Refunds promised for Lady Gaga fans cheated in Madrid: "Some of the fans will have the option of exchanging their fake tickets for another of the diva's concerts

The hundreds of disappointed fans who were turned away at the door after unknowingly buying fake tickets for the Lady Gaga concert in Madrid on Sunday are to be compensated by the websites where they bought them online.

Many of the fakes were bought months in advance over the Internet from sites which act as an intermediary between the vendor and the purchaser. But when their serial numbers were checked at the doors to the Palacio de Deportes in Madrid, they turned out to be copies of eight authentic tickets and some 200 people were turned away.

20 minutos reports that the websites concerned have now offered refunds after advice to those affected from the consumers association, FACUA, that they have the right to claim compensation in addition to a refund. It’s understood that some of the sites will also be offering to exchange the fakes for free tickets to another of Lady Gaga’s concerts."

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