Wednesday, 15 December 2010

British paedophile sentenced to prison in Spain

British paedophile sentenced to prison in Spain: "plain clothes officer caught him downloading images of naked children in a Málaga web café

A 49 year old British man, unidentified in reports but with previous convictions in the UK for corruption of minors, has been found guilty in Spain of downloading photos of naked children in a web café in Málaga.

He is understood from the EFE news agency to have accepted a 15 month sentence in a plea bargain agreed before the trial was due to start at the provincial court.

He was arrested in April 2008 after he was seen downloading the images by a plain clothes policeman who saw him attempting to close down the window he was viewing. The officer confiscated five discs and a pen drive which was later found to contain 63 images of naked children.

The suspect had two warrants for sexual abuse out for his arrest when he was taken into custody, both of them issued by the National Court. EFE also notes an extradition order in 2002.
The 49 year old changed his name legally in 2003."

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