Monday, 2 January 2012

The Cádiz town has no money, and now the power has been cut to the Town Hall because of lack of payment

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Barbate Town Hall has found itself with the electricity cut through lack of payment as the cash crisis in the Cádiz town continues to worsen. Municipal workers have been paid 550 € each, from a total debt which now amounts to four months wages, and the phones at the Local Police and the Fire Station are only still working because of a small generator.

The Town Hall admits its debt with the Endesa power company is now 300,000 €, but there is no money to pay. Endesa follow a strict policy of disconnection when there are three months of unpaid bills. Now no computers work, no council business can be done.

Local residents have taken to the streets in demand for a solution to the town’s crisis. CCOO union representative, Roque Vázquez, said ‘although we would like to work, now we just can’t do so’.

The Government Sub Delegation has banned a demonstration on Saturday which intended to block the N-340 road at the crossroads at Vejer.

There was one bright spark for the town on Wednesday, when an ONCE lottery seller sold seven winning tickets worth 245,000 €, but even if all that went directly to the Town Hall it would not be enough to get the lights back on. DISCLAIMER Text may be subject to copyright.This blog does not claim copyright to any such text. Copyright remains with the original copyright holder

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