Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Major haul of speed in Spain


Civil Guard operation run jointly with the Basque police force, the Ertzaintza, has seized more than 120 kilos of speed from a gang which operated in the north of Spain. The value of the drugs seized is put at 1 million €, although Civil Guard Col. Juan Luis Pérez Martín indicated to EFE in a press conference on Wednesday that it could have brought in up to 2.5 million € on the street. Fifteen suspects were arrested in Navarra, La Rioja, Vizcaya and Cantabria, eleven of whom have been remanded to custody. Most of those involved worked in haulage, and used their regular trips out of the country to smuggle the speed into Spain. A warehouse which the organisation used to store the drugs was located on an industrial estate in Barakaldo, Vizcaya, during the course of the investigation. The haul also includes smaller quantities of cocaine, cannabis, ecstasy, marijuana and crystal.

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