Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Injured passerby in Alicante shootout denounces the police


One of the three passersby who were injured in a shootout between police and a gang of armed robbers in an assault on an Alicante city centre jewellery store on Saturday has denounced the officers who mistakenly arrested him as one of the gang. Twenty three year old Fernando Guzmán was shot in the wrist when he was caught in the crossfire, but was arrested with a friend after he was taken to hospital. He claims that both were treated roughly during their arrest and were humiliated and insulted when they were questioned at the National Police station. Both were released without charge in the early hours of Sunday. Encarna Llinares, central government representative in Alicante, defended the officers who were involved on Saturday night. She told El País, ‘They acted professionally, risking their lives to protect others’. It’s now known that the gang of four had travelled to Alicante from Marseilles to carry out the robbery. The robber who was killed in the shootout is reported by the French press to be linked to a dangerous gang which was responsible for a string of 13 assaults on jewellery stores in the Marseilles area some years ago. Their total haul is put at 1.5 million €. The remaining three who were involved in the Alicante assault were all remanded to custody on Tuesday.

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