Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Stephen Alexander Mallon was hit over the head with a bottle in a fight outside a bar in June 2009

17 youths face charges for the death of a British man, 49 year old Stephen Alexander Mallon, after a street fight in Cómpeta in June 2009.

First instance and instruction court number 1 in Torrox has opened the process against the 17 youths who are all aged between 18 and 25. They come from Cómpeta and other local villages such as Canillas de Albaida and Árchez.

Judge Silvia Coll Carreño, is processing five of the accused on the charge of homicide as in article 138 in the Penal Code, and the others will face charges of causing injury and causing a brawl.
Bail has been set at 100,000 € for those facing the homicide charge, and at 10,000 € for the rest.

The victim and his family were on holiday in the village, and had gone out for a drink. Unwittingly they got involved in the brawl in the La Estrella pub in the early hours of June 5 2009. The case documents say that the first conflict happened between the British group and the ex boyfriend of one of the local girls they were talking to inside the pub, and the conflicts extended to the local man’s friends outside the pub after the owner kicked everyone out. It notes that the pub owner did suggest that the British group stay inside, fearing a fight could occur, but the British declined his offer and a massive fight broke out outside with bottles and belts being used.

Stephen Alexander Mallon was hit, it’s thought by a bottle, on his head by the ex boyfriend of the girl and then pushed by another off the terrace of a pizzeria, falling over four metres when pushed over the veranda. He was admitted to the Carlos Haya Hospital in Málaga in a coma, but he lost his battle for life 12 days later.

The victims two children were also injured in the fight, with a broken nose and hand, and their other friends were also hurt, but less seriously.

The case will be heard in the Provincial Court in Málaga, although no date has been fixed as yet.


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