Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Sentencing announced for Cádiz social security scam

Sentencing has been announced in the Operation Karlos social security scam in Cádiz, with a nine and a half year prison term for Francisco Casto, the medical inspector accused of falsifying the reports which were needed to obtain fraudulent disability pensions from the state.

The man considered to be the leader of the network, the ex local police chief in Ubrique, Carlos Carretero, has been sentenced to four years in prison in an agreement which was previously reached with the prosecutor.

The ruling from the Cádiz provincial court made public this Monday considers that the wife of the bullfighter Jesulín de Ubrique, María José Campanario, , and her mother, Remedios Torres, were both accessories in falsifying official documents. They were also found guilty of attempted fraud, but escape serving time in prison as neither has a previous criminal record and both were given sentences just one month below the two-year threshold.

Campanario was also fined 1,800 €, and her mother 720 €.


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