Monday, 31 January 2011

Two Almería men arrested for causing 27 traffic accidents

Two Almería men arrested for causing 27 traffic accidents: "After months of investigation involving more than 50 officers, two men from Huércal Overa have finally been arrested for deliberately causing no fewer than 27 accidents on roads in Almería and Murcia.

Their method was to either place large rocks on the carriageway or to cover over in black sacking the pointed bollards at road divisions which are known as ‘gorros de obispo’ – ‘bishops hats’.

They always acted late at night at weekends or bank holidays, often on the A-7 motorway between Vera in Almería and Lorca in Murcia. Another of their preferred roads was the A-92N between Vélez Rubio and Chirivel.

The Civil Guard released news of their arrest last week and say they did what they did just for enjoyment. No-one was injured in any of the accidents they caused.

The two men are also being charged with arson for setting 52 rubbish containers and 9 cars on fire between May and August last year."

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