Wednesday, 15 December 2010

WikiLeaks cable: Americans tried to cover up death of Spanish journalist

WikiLeaks cable: Americans tried to cover up death of Spanish journalist: "Earlier this year, Spanish High Court judge Santiago Pedraz issued an arrest warrant to find and capture U.S. soldiers believed to have fired a tank's guns at a hotel for journalists in Baghdad, Iraq, that had been approved by the Pentagon as a safe haven for the press. Killed in the 2003 attack were a Reuters cameraman and Spanish journalist, Jose Couso.
Now comes a new twist to the ongoing controversy over the slaying in Spain via the trove of U.S. State Department documents recently made public by the WikiLeaks website.
Couso's family in Spain have launched a legal inquiry based on the U.S. cables, alleging possible collusion to cover up a potential war crime between Spanish and American officials. 'While we are careful to show our respect for the tragic death of Couso and for the independence of the Spanish judicial system, behind the scenes we have fought tooth and nail to make the charges disappear,' Eduardo Aguirre, an American ambassador to Spain, wrote in one 2007 cable posted by the El País newspaper. Then, just one month later, Aguirre told then-Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice that the Spanish government 'has been helpful behind the scenes in getting the case appealed.”"

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