Friday, 17 December 2010

Málaga Guardia Civil drugs chief arrested

Himno de la Guardia CivilMálaga Guardia Civil drugs chief arrested: "Málaga Anti-Drug Chief of the Guardia Civil has been arrested in an operation against drug trafficking. It comes as part of an operation which started on Wednesday and saw earlier reports of another Civil Guard and a former officer arrested.

The new arrest was also carried out on Wednesday by agents of the Internal Affairs of the Guardia Civil. It’s understood the arrested man, who has not been named in reports, was head of the EDOA Anti-drug and Organised Crime Team, which leads several different groups specialising in the persecution and fight against drug trafficking in the province.

Diario Sur reports that as many as five other Guardia Civil have now been arrested as part of the internal affairs operation which remains open. At least one of the Guardia Civil arrested is based at the barracks in Mijas, while others are thought to be based in Málaga and Córdoba."

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