Monday, 22 November 2010

Fernando del Valle now faces 17 years in the money laundering case

Prosecutor ups sentence requested for Ballena Blanca Blanca suspect: "Fernando del Valle now faces 17 years in the money laundering case

The Anti-Corruption prosecutor has upped the sentence requested for the main accused in the Ballena Blanca money laundering case which is currently being heard in Málaga, and has asked that Fernando del Valle spend 17 years in prison.

El Mundo reports that the additional two years relate to three of the more than 150 crimes with which del Valle is charged, specifically three fiscal crimes against the Hacienda Tax Authority. The other charges against the Marbella-based Chilean lawyer include 13 counts of money laundering, and 141 counts of falsifying documents.

Del Valle is one of 19 suspects charged in the case and, in addition to the prison term, faces fines of more than 36 million €. It’s triple the amount which is believed to have been laundered through the network of companies which were allegedly set up through his Marbella office."

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