Monday, 22 November 2010

Connery in land fraud - Hindustan Times

Connery in land fraud - Hindustan Times: "Former James Bond Sean Connery has been asked to pay a 51-million-pound bond or face an investigation into a land deal. A judge has ordered the legendary actor, 80, his wife, 81 and 18 others involved in an alleged fraud case to find the money within 10 days or risk a probe by cops and tax officials. The judge also warned property belonging to the star could be seized if he fails to deposit the cash, reports the Sun.

Connery faces questioning over the sale of his former home in Marbella in 1999 for 5.5 million pounds. There was planning permission to build five homes there, but 72 flats went up — netting a 45-million-pound profit. Spanish tax officials say Connery, who denies any wrongdoing, is linked to the development firm and that they are owed 2.3 million pounds."

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