Thursday, 6 May 2010

Valencia's Miguel knocks pedestrians down on zebra crossing

Valencia's Miguel knocks pedestrians down on zebra crossing: "Valencia's Portugese winger, Miguel Brito, was behind the wheel of a car that knocked down two elderly ladies in the Valencian town of L'Eliana today.
Miguel was on his way to this morning's training session in Paterna when the accident happened and subsequently arrived late.
According to a source within the club, Miguel was driving around a roundabout when he suddenly veered off to one side to avoid a van, which has stopped suddenly in front of him.
His car went up onto the zebra crossing and hit two elderly ladies. Neither suffered serious injuries, but they were both taken to hospital in Valencia by the emergency services.
Miguel had to complete all the police paperwork before he could leave the scene of the accident, making him late for his team's morning training session ahead of tonight's match against Xerez."

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