Monday, 9 July 2012

Six British women claim they have been raped in Eivissa

six British women have denounced that they suffered sexual aggressions in the last month. They all were staying near Eivissa. Police sources have confirmed that during June at least six women, all of them from the U.K. and most of them just 18, said they had been raped in tourist establishments in the Portmany Bay, in the municipalities of Sant Antoni and Sant Josep. The security forces have failed to detain anybody in connection with the complaints. They say the victims’ descriptions given in such circumstances are quite bare, but in nearly all of the cases the women say their attacker was also British. Some mention tattoos. They generally say they had just met the attacker. When British tourists have denounced rape in the past, their complaint has generally failed to progress because of inaccuracies in statement and that some complaints have simply turned out to be false. It seems the practice started with a travel insurance policy which included rape, and several countries have detected the fraudulent use of the policy.

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