Sunday, 24 June 2012

The National Police have arrested a 25 year old man and his accomplice for stealing twelve vehicles which he then duly sold over the Internet.

  Identified by the authorities as JMG the man first produced paperwork and a false national police badge which was glued inside a simple black wallet.  Following a cursory inspection this was always enough to identify him as a national police agent.  After then gaining people’s trust he then went on to convince them of irregularities with regard to the licensing of their vehicles, both cars and motorcycles, before making them each a derisory financial offer that would save them from likely prosecution. After one individual became suspicious and reported the matter to the police the young man was arrested and accused of offenses of misappropriation, fraud and forgery. The operation was carried out by the Group of Economic and Technological Crime Officers  (Judicial Police Brigade) and focused on the alleged hoax which was then complted via the Internet. A spokesman said that the investigation began in March, after receiving a complaint from and aggrieved person who had been defrauded by an individual claiming to be a member of the national police. A genuine officer made contact with the alleged perpetrator saying that he was interested in buying a car or motorcycle. After realising he was on the verge of being caught JMG then tried to quickly cover his tracks before going on the run, and constantly changing his address. He was finally arrested and charged last week. The Judicial Police Brigade has so far established the disappearance of twelve vehicles of which six have now been recovered.

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