Friday, 25 May 2012

The Gibraltar Police and the Guardia Civil have had more clashes in the waters of Gibraltar.

 El Mundo reports that Gibraltar patrols went to stop three fishing boats from working on Wednesday night at 9pm, and that a Royal Navy boat was close at hand. The Navy vessel sent radio messages to the Guardia Civil saying that they should leave the area. Fishermen’s sources say when they turned on the lights to throw out the nets ‘several Royal Gibraltar Police patrols passed close by at great speed several times’ and that this had provoked ‘moments of great tension and even danger’. There was a slight collision between two patrol boats, one from Gibraltar and the other from the Guardia Civil. The Guardia Civil then sent several ships and a helicopter to the scene to protect the fishermen, as the Spanish Government had instructed. Gibraltar considers that there was an incursion by the Spanish fishermen and the Guardia Civil into waters they say are their own.

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