Friday, 25 May 2012

Chairman of the Supreme Court, Carlos Dívar, survives vote in the CGPJ

The member of the CGPJ who brought the vote, Gómez Benítez, was then asked to resign by seven others in the committee. The Chairman of the Supreme Court, and the head of General Council for Judicial Power, the body which oversees the judiciary in Spain, Carlos Dívar, will remain in those poses are only a minority of other members of the General Council called on him to resign in an extraordinary meeting on Thursday afternoon. He had been denounced by one of the members of the General Council, Gómez Benítez, who said Dívar had been misusing public funds for long weekend trips to Marbella with his seven bodyguards. It was established that some 20 such trips were carried out by Dívar, all at public expense. Carlos Dívar claimed that the costs were ‘perfectly documented and justified’ and indeed went as to far as to describe the reports of 36,000 € spent. The Prosecutors Office decided to archive the case, saying that no crime had been carried out regarding the misuse of public funds, noting Dívar paid for some items on some of his trips, indicating that he had no intention to ‘feather his nest’. In the vote in the General Council on Thursday calling for the resignation of Díver there were only five votes in favour, out of a total 21. What’s more seven of the others even then called for the resignation of Gómez Benítez, accusing him of a lack of loyalty. However one result from the case is that a commission will study new controls on travel expenses.

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