Monday, 9 April 2012

TWO men arrested in a Spanish drugs bust

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One of the men is Charles “Chagga” McCormack, 29, who is a known enforcer for the infamous Lyons mob.
In 2010 he was charged and later cleared over an attack on James Hanlon, who was assaulted with a power drill.
Sources claim the shipment of cocaine and cannabis seized by cops on the Costa Blanca was destined for the Lyons mob and their Glasgow underworld empire.
As we reported yesterday, a Spanish police operation led to the arrests of 14 people and seized 3.1kg of cocaine and 108kg of cannabis.
Hanlon was bludgeoned with a power drill when he was ambushed by a mob in Stepps, Lanarkshire, a week before twin Bryan was mutilated in a separate attack.
The brothers were pals of slain hood Kevin “Gerbil” Carroll.
McCormack later had his not guilty plea accepted over the attack on Hanlon.
Robert Kirkwood, 25, pleaded guilty to assault to severe injury.
Spanish police have yet to release full details on all 14 people arrested in their drugs operation, which was helped by the Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency.
But at least one person apart from McCormack is also a known Lyons henchman, underworld sources say.
The man, who can’t be named for legal reasons, is said to be an established contact in England for the Lyons clan.
A source said: “This is a major Lyons operation and the bust will cost them millions.
“Chagga has long been an associate of the Lyons clan and he has been working for them in Spain since he left Glasgow six months ago.
“One of the English guys arrested has been moving stuff around for the family for years.”
Steven Lyons, 31, has been living in Spain since he was shot in the leg in a notorious triple shooting at his uncle’s MoT garage in 2006. He was not among those arrested.
Our insider said the drugs for the gang were sourced in Morocco before being taken to Spain by speedboat.
Some of the haul was to stay in Spain, while the rest was destined for the UK.

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