Monday, 9 April 2012

Incarcaration in Spain is the highest in Western Europe

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What are these types of crime? Apart from the regional government proposal on forest fires, which seems to be due directly to the recent fire, the plan of the Interior, working with the Ministry of Justice in a bilateral commission which, among others, are the Secretaries of State of both departments, revolves around two blocks: the fight against multirreincidencia and increased penalties related to the maintenance of public order. The processing of both reforms to be separated in time, according to Ulloa, because the government wants to give some urgency to the fight against crimes of resisting arrest and vandalism. The idea is to have the Executive’s first organic bill ready before the summer and wait a little longer for the other part of the modification of the code related to multirreincidencia.
Crime rates, however, are of the lowest
“The reasons which the Government justify the penal reforms are based on subjective grounds,” says Julian Rios, Professor of Criminal Law and Corrections at the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas. “Sensations, perceptions, impressions are the most repeated words in the hearings and statements by the Ministers of Interior and Justice, without any empirically verifiable data input. If we turn to the latest statistical data referring to 2010, the Report of the DPP, it is verified that the quantitative evolution of criminal cases in which the Attorney General intervened ‘reveals an extremely positive result, derived from a significant decrease in the number of cases filed in relation to those recorded for the same concepts in 2009 ‘, as stated in the text. Our crime rate is low and is declining rates and the feeling of insecurity has more to do with a message amplified by certain media of specific events with a real increase of insecurity “.
“Our intention is in no case resort to the criminal law as a first response,” said for his part, Secretary of State for Security, Ignacio Ulloa. “The criminal response must be the least and last. But misconduct is not now have an appropriate approach. And when it detects a hole or crack is legal to offer a solution. “

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