Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Alicante man gets married twice in four days


National Police have arrested a man in Alicante who is accused of getting married to two different women in four days. He did it so they could obtain residency permission and allegedly was paid 3,000 € in the first case, according to a statement from the Alicante provincial police station. Four days later he got married with a woman from Venezuela, and the irregularity has only come to light now when both the women had to renew their papers. The case dates back to October 2006 when the 29 year old Spaniard married a woman of Albanian origin in the Madrid town of Perales de Tajuaña in a civil ceremony. He said that he just wanted the woman to obtain legal residency in Spain and allegedly accepted 3,000 €. Four days later he decided if he acted quickly the first marriage would not have appeared in the Civil Registry, and he could marry a female friend, this time in the town of Parla. Apparently no money changed hand in the second marriage with just the residency being the motive. When the women had to renew their papers the irregularity came to light and the Foreigners Provincial Brigade in Alicante and the High Court in Cataluña collaborated in an investigation and the bigamy was discovered. The man was arrested close to house in Alicante and the investigation remains open.

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