Friday, 9 September 2011

The alleged killers of a British teenager stabbed to death at a holiday resort in the Costa Brava have been extradited to face justice in Spain.

Andrew Milroy, 15, died of a single knife wound to the chest in the seaside town of Lloret de Mar on July 17.

Police named the suspects only as Remi Romai A. and Jeremy P. - a plumber and a mechanic both aged 21.

Andrew Milroy and two friends had tried to break up a 3.30am brawl between a gang of young French tourists. 

But instead, the youths turned on them in a shopping centre in the resort popular with thousands of British holidaymakers every year, it is alleged.

A nearby hotel security guard called police after being alerted by the boys' friends. 

When ambulance workers arrived, they found Mr Milroy lying in a pool of blood in an alleyway by a clothes shop.

He died after being rushed to Sant Jaume Hospital in the nearby town of Blanes, 25 miles north of Barcelona.

His attackers had fled before emergency services reached the scene.
Spanish police later identified two of the youths from CCTV footage, and then managed to find their names from local hotel bookings.


They passed the information on to French police, who swooped on the pair in their home town of L'Isle-d'Abeau, near Lyon, ten days ago.

Tourist spot: Andrew was a resident of Lloret de Mar in Costa Brava, which is popular with holidaymakers

Tourist spot: Andrew was a resident of Lloret de Mar in Costa Brava, which is popular with holidaymakers

Lloret de Mar map

A French judicial source said: ‘The Spanish police were able to identify the three youths through witness statements and video surveillance cameras.

‘Their names were then established from the bookings they had made for accommodation in resort.

‘This information was passed to us and arrests were made.’ 

Lyon prosecutor Jacqueline Dufournet confirmed today: ‘The two young men have been transferred by plane to Spain.

'They are now in the hands of the authorities there and the Spanish legal process will now run its course.' 

Michel Tallent, the lawyer for the mechanic, added: ‘It seems there was a fight on the night in question, but it is not clear who started it.' 

Andrew was born in Spain after his parents Jackie and Andy Milroy emigrated there 26 years ago.

The family run a popular US-style diner called Route 66 in the resort.
Mrs Milroy, originally from Richmond, Surrey, told French daily Le Parisien after learning of the arrests: ‘We are devastated at the loss of our son, but now very relieved at the arrests.  

'Of course my son will not be coming back but at least those responsible have been caught.

'The police have done very well considering how few leads they had to go on.

'I now await their trial and believe they should each go to prison for at least 30 years.'

Mr Milroy's death sparked outrage among locals, who said that children should have been protected from increasingly violent holidaymakers on cheap package tours.

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