Saturday, 25 June 2011

Serbian gangster on the run left behind Eva Peron's stolen jewellery

Rings, earrings and the tiara, given to Eva Peron by the Dutch Royal family, were found in a hotel room in Milan. They were left behind by a member of the Serbian gang, which was identified and partially arrested by police months ago.

The gang stole the jewellery in December 2009 from a shop in Valencia, Spain, simulating purchase intentions. It is believed that the value of the collection exceeds 6 million euros.

The investigation was conducted by Spanish and Italian police. They identified the robbers as a gang of Serbs, situated in the area of Milan. Ten of them were collared in Spain in May 2010, another was arrested in Milan.

The latest development occurred this week, when policemen broke in a hotel room in the northern Italian city. Its occupant fled, leaving behind three quarters of the stolen collection of Eva Peron.
The former first lady of Argentina was known for her fascination with jewellery and her treasure is nearly mythical. Its theft was one of the biggest in recent history.


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