Thursday, 5 May 2011

Spain’s Civil Guard broke up an international drug trafficking ring in an operation in which 34 people were arrested and two tons of cocaine confiscated.

The arrested people had engaged in violence in Colombia, Spain and other countries of the European Union against other members of the network by threatening then with death or kidnapping them as a guarantee for the operations they were involved in and the losses the network had sustained due to different actions by law enforcement.

The network also dealt in money laundering, extortion and kidnapping for ransom, the Civil Guard said in a communique.

Most of the people arrested in 15 raids in the Mediterranean provinces of Valencia and Alicante are Spaniards.

Also detained were four Colombians, an Italian, a Dutch citizen and a Briton.

The investigation into the ring’s activities was accomplished with the cooperation of police in Colombia, Morocco, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and Britain and so far has resulted in the seizure of 101 properties.

In addition, authorities confiscated 39 vehicles, one firearm, 500 mobile telephone cards, 35,000 euros ($51,900) in cash, 15 computers and 14 hard drives.

The arrested people had established the infrastructure necessary to smuggle large quantities of cocaine through several Spanish ports – Valencia, Tarragona and Pontevedra, among others – by hiding the drug inside computers for later distribution in Spain and other European countries.

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