Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Two years in prison for man who left his ex blind in an argument

Two years in prison for man who left his ex blind in an argument: "man from Madrid has been sentenced to two years in prison after his ex girlfriend lost the little sight that remained in her eye when he hit out at her during an argument over her snoring.

45 year old María Paz R.P. had already lost her right eye in a previous accident which had left her with just 10% vision in the left and was a registered member of the ONCE organisation. EFE reports that she was able to live a relatively normal life with her remaining vision, but her sight has now become so impaired that the court considered her to be blind.

It happened in a hotel room in Benidorm where María Paz and her ex, Ignacio R.B., were on holiday with their 8 year old daughter. The couple had ended their relationship two years previously but had decided to spend some time together with their child. EFE notes that custody of the girl had been granted to the father owing to the mother’s ‘psychiatric problems’.

The argument began when the accused, who the woman had reported for abuse on three occasions in the past, was woken up by the woman’s snoring and punched her in her left eye"

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