Thursday, 9 December 2010

Brutal Gangs Terrorize Cyprus Online Gamblers | Casino Scam Report

Brutal Gangs Terrorize Cyprus Online Gamblers Casino Scam Report: "Gambling has always had a bit of danger attached to it whether doing it online or at any local casino, but danger takes on a completely new meaning if you live in Cyprus and gamble. Internet gambling is very popular in the country and it has made quite a few “business men” very wealthy. Some of these wealthy businessmen have even been considerate enough to “loan” out some money to other needy gamblers in exchange for just a “little extra cash”. However these generous businessmen are not very friendly when it’s time to pay them back when your late! Criminal Gangs are running rampant in Cyprus and brutalizing gamblers who owe them cash and can’t pay. They even go as far as holding people hostage, terrorizing them and taking personal items from their home while they wait for payments. Once the police have been involved, these terrorized people are too afraid of retaliation to make a statement to have these gang members arrested."

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