Friday, 5 November 2010

The London Daily News

The London Daily News: "The jury took just three hours to return a guilty verdict on Miguel Da Silva, 40, (28.12.69) - a Portuguese national of no fixed abode - for the killing of Susan Joyce Martin back in 1994.

Da Silva killed Susan, who was aged 44 at the time of her death and was the mother of two children, at her flat in Aldridge Road Villas, Notting Hill, on 24 September 1994. A post-mortem at the time gave cause of death as strangulation.

The day after the killing, on Sunday, 25 September, 1994, Da Silva walked into Paddington Green Police station with blood on his hand and confessed that he had 'had a fight with Suzie' and that he had 'beat her up'."

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