Saturday, 13 November 2010

Spanish Police Take Down Major Drug Ring

Latin American Herald Tribune - Spanish Police Take Down Major Drug Ring: "Spanish police have dismantled one of the main organizations of large-scale cocaine trafficking between South America and Spain, arresting 50 people and seizing more than 5.5 million euros ($7.5 million) in cash, authorities said Friday.

They also confiscated 65 luxury cars and six boats.

The ring had an extensive import-export business infrastructure between Argentina and Spain which included their trans-Atlantic container traffic.

Agents arrested 50 people for drug trafficking and money laundering in Spain and Argentina.

The ring, chiefly made up of Colombians and Mexicans, camouflaged the drug in packages of 1 kilo (2 pounds, 3 ounces) hidden among shipments of apples.

One point of entry was the northwestern Spanish port of Vigo, from where the drug was sent via a container-distribution company to recipients throughout Spain.

Contact among the traffickers took place on frequent trips between Argentina and Spain to supervise the drug trade."

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