Saturday, 27 November 2010

Hired to create a web page, man kidnapped then chopped into pieces: police

Hired to create a web page, man kidnapped then chopped into pieces: police: "Spanish police detained a Pakistani man accused of stabbing a man to death in Indonesia and then chopping his body into pieces, the interior ministry said on Thursday.
Police arrested the 32-year-old father of two as he was about to enter a metro station in central Madrid, it said in a statement.
They identified him only by his initials, but Spanish media gave his name as Imran Firasat Sulaeman, who in 2006 was given permission to live in Spain on humanitarian grounds after claiming he faced the death penalty in Pakistan for marrying a non-Muslim and criticising Islam.
Advertisement: Story continues below Indonesian authorities had issued an international arrest warrant for his arrest following a kidnap-murder in the town of Karawang, about 60 kilometres east of Jakarta, in June.
Sulaeman and his wife are accused of contacting the victim on the pretext of hiring him to create a web page, and then kidnapping him for ransom, the interior ministry said.
'The crime culminated in a lethal knife stabbing and then dismemberment, with different parts of the body placed in bags and suitcases within refrigerators and then dispersed around Karawang,' it said."

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