Sunday, 10 October 2010

Gang of seven violent British bank robbers arrested in Alicante

Gang of seven violent British bank robbers arrested in Alicante: "National Police have arrested seven members of a British gang of robbers who specialised in taking money from bank cash dispensing machines. They made their violent attacks on staff as they were refilling the machines, either attacking with large hammers from the street or inside. The thefts rarely lasted more than a minute in total.

The police first arrested two men who were caught ‘in fraganti’ when attacking a bank branch in Benissa, Alicante, and five more were arrested shortly afterwards at a petrol station at Torrente when they were trying to flee along the AP-7 motorway.

The Police say the group always chose banks where the dispenser was not built into the wall, and where it was placed in an entrance hall away from the main bank public customer room.

SOCA, the British serious organised crime agency has collaborated in the investigation, given that two of the accused already have European warrants issued against them after they had taken part in similar thefts in the U.K.

One of them, wanted for causing a fire which resulted in damage of more than a million pounds, escaped from a British police van which was assaulted on his way to court in Salford."

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