Monday, 10 May 2010

Costa del Sol Shooting

Costa del Sol Shooting | AMLASpain | News | Property | The Spanish Property MLS | Electronic Cigarettes: "Costa del Sol bar in 2008 an Englishman shot and seriously injured a fellow Brit.It happened in a bar at Puerto Banus.Last week a Malaga court sentenced the man to 9 years in prison.He was given 8 years for attempted murder and one year for illegal possession of a weapon.
At the time there had been some other shootings in the area and comments were made at the time that these were drug related settling of scores.However there was no mention of this at the trial.The two men involved were both in their 30´s and both were from Liverpool.They knew each other because they both attended the same gym.
During an argument at the bar the attacker shot the victim in the knee.After the victim fell to the floor the gunman shot him three times,in his arm,his genitals and his head.The man spent many weeks in hospital in Marbella and eventually lost the sight of his eye."

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