Thursday, 11 March 2010

James Walter Tomkins, 60, is hiding out on the Costa del Sol

Candy Dawson believes James Walter Tomkins, 60, is hiding out on the Costa del Sol after he allegedly slayed her son Rocky Dawson, 24, for no apparent reason in 2006.
Police have named Tomkins – also known as Jimbles – as one of the UK’s ‘Most Wanted’ criminals.But despite Crimestoppers insisting he has links to both Marbella and Fuengirola, as well as Benidorm, he has not yet been caught.Desperate mother Candy Dawson, from Essex, told of her determination to catch Tomkins.
“I have contacted you because I am desperate,” she said in an emotional interview.
“I cannot put my son to rest and I’m willing to do anything to catch this monster.
“As a mother I cannot let this person get away with what they have done to my family and his two children.”
Her son was shot in the back a number of times, in what police believe was a case of mistaken identity.Horrifically, his children watched as he was gunned down outside his mother’s house in Hornchurch, Essex.His mother explained: “My son had been visiting me and was putting his little boy, Rocky, into the back seat of his car when he was shot in the back.
“He came back into the house and said: ‘Mum I’ve been shot’, before collapsing.
“He died minutes later in my arms.”
A swift police investigation eventually led police to arrest of Christopher Pearman, 56, who was convicted of his murder in 2007.
However, his accomplice has never been found and police want to quiz Tomkins.
International director of the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), David Armond, said many criminals like Tomkins could be hiding in ex-pat communities.
He said: “Attention is the key to making sure they can’t escape justice to live a life in the sun.”
Tomkins has two scars one close to his left eye on his brow and another on the right side of his neck.Described as tall, medium to stocky build and sometimes wearing a close cut beard.
A 23,000 euro reward is available for any information regarding Tomkins whereabouts.
The fresh appeal follows Crimestoppers’ success in catching half of the criminals from their most recent appeal for criminals in Spain.Of the list issued six months ago, half of the ten most wanted have already been caught.The most recent capture was Jody Flynn, caught entering the UK from Spain.
Others, such as Stephen Henry Pitman, are also believed to be living on the Costa del Sol.Operation Captura has made 31 arrests since it began its series of ‘Most Wanted’ appeals in 2006.

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