Sunday, 9 August 2009

Crackdown on unregistered Spanish pay-as-you-go mobile phones

PAY-AS-YOU-GO mobile phone users have just three months to register their SIM cards, the ministry of the interior has reminded the public today.
Anyone who does not do so before November 9 will lose their number and be left without a phone line.The interior ministry says it is concerned to note that ‘several million’ mobile phone user still have not registered their SIM cards.
To do so, users should go to a point of sale of their telephone operator – such as Movistar, Vodaphone or Orange – bringing photo identification with them such as a passport or residence card.Only around 15 million SIM cards purchased before November 2007 are affected, since those bought since are automatically registered to the user. The main reasons for the change in law requiring mobile users to register their SIM cards is to enable the detection and investigation of serious crimes.
Certain criminal gangs and terrorist groups use pay-as-you-go mobile telephones to remain anonymous.

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