Thursday, 30 April 2009

Giuseppe D’Amico owned a number of bars in Almería province,was found dead at his home in Pechina

National Police operation against a money laundering network linked to alternative nightclubs in Almería province last week has discovered evidence which could prove key in an unsolved murder from September 2006: the death of Italian businessman Giusseppe D’Amico, who was found dead at his home in Pechina. The victim was found tied up with two bullet wounds in his body and had been tortured.Detectives in the money laundering investigation discovered two 9-calibre pistols in one of the property searches which took place, and forensic testing has revealed that one of them was the weapon which was used to kill D’Amico. Both weapons were found in the home of the man believed to the head of the money laundering network, nicknamed José El Francés, in the filters of a Jacuzzi he had installed in a secret room in the house.Giuseppe D’Amico owned a number of bars in Almería province, but had a lengthy criminal record, both in Spain and in Italy. Police suspected that he had led an organised criminal operation in Almería since his arrival there in the 1980s.

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