Monday, 2 March 2009

Cook and two carpenters are in custody as detectives continue to look for the killers of UK-based George Cadogan

Cook and two carpenters are in custody as detectives continue to look for the killers of UK-based George Cadogan, who was found bound and strangled in his D’Urban Backlands home on Thursday evening.Police said that the three were detained on Friday.
Investigators were “working on some things”, but declined to say whether they have found any evidence to implicate any of the suspects.The cook was employed by Cadogan, while the 77-year-old man had recently hired the carpenters to conduct renovations at his home.Relatives said that on the day the body was found, the carpenters failed to turn up to complete renovations to the Lot 180 Century Palm Road, D’Urban Backlands premises. One theory is that the killers gained entry through a broken window that was covered with plywood.Cadogan was found lying on the floor in one of the bedrooms. His limbs were bound with strips of cloth while a rag was stuffed into his mouth. An autopsy confirmed that he died from strangulation.A kitchen knife was near the body but the corpse bore no visible marks of violence.The spacious two-storey house was ransacked and there are reports that a laptop computer and two cell phones were missing. Police said that the items have not been recovered.The victim was the only occupant of the home.It is believed that Cadogan was slain sometime between Thursday night and yesterday morning.Relatives said that Cadogan, who fathered five children, was a retired solicitor who resided in England.
Cadogan had suffered a stroke and returned to Guyana sometime last December to escape from the cold English weather.According to the niece, Cadogan had lunch with a nephew last Sunday and a relative spoke to him by telephone at around 18:00 hrs on Wednesday.
On Thursday morning, a nephew went to Cadogan’s home to give him a papaw, but left after calling and getting no answer.Around 17:00 hrs that same day, another male relative returned and again got no answer after calling repeatedly for his uncle. The relative then observed that the plywood that had covered the broken window at the front of the bottom flat had come loose.The relative said that he entered the house and eventually found Cadogan’s bound body on the floor in a back bedroom.Relatives said that the victim’s wife and two of his children, who live in the UK, arrived in Guyana on Friday.

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GOD said...

My dad spoke highly of guyanese people but you have let him and guyanese people down. Being scared of such cowards does not say much for you lot at all! I hope you find the courage to expose the people who done this for what they are (cowards!) and prove my dad right that guyanese people are a courageous and these little pussy's do not have the guyanese people running scared and that people who bad mouth guyanese people have it wrong. I wish you the best in finding your dignity and self-respect and regaining your strength!


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