Thursday, 29 January 2009

Police gangster boss of a Romanian crime syndicate arrested in Barcelona

internal affairs division of the Autonomous Police yesterday arrested at dawn two security agents of the Montjuïc Sants station in Barcelona. The investigation against the two policemen, who head of the department of number 22 of Barcelona, was launched six months ago when one of the defendants was heard in a telephone conversation with a Romanian crime syndicate operating primarily in the subways. The
investigation determined that the agent of 25 years had control of the gang. The two policeman were arrested at three in the morning along with five other members of the criminalgang. One of the internal affairs officers found at one of the policemans home gun's with serial numbers removed, an electric truncheon (tazar), a significant amount of cocaine and a lesser amount, hashish. Also seized were objects such as - jewelry, televisions, cameras, mobile phones etc, as well as documentation from other theft victims. The two police officers last night were held in separate cells at the Les Corts. They will today be questioned and when they will very shortly appear before a court. The investigation began six months ago. The investigating officers of the regional area were following a group of Romanian theives. After hearing one of the gang members in converstion during an intercepted call with
one of the arrested parties, the case was then passed to Internal affairs. The accused officer in question, was then assigned to a group of plainclothes policeman in Sant Marti that is dedicated to the fight against repeating offenders.
The monitored calls then showed that the agent had become the leader of the criminals. Part of the crimes committed was that of money being taken from stolen credit cards. He was also found to be philandering with a drug dealer in his home that he shared with his Romanian girl, police found a bag of cocaine and a set of scales. The other accused officer of 32 years of age, has been found to have had a lesser involvement. The internal affairs division are continuing with their enquiries and have also found two other offenders who have been involved with stealing. The two detainees are the latest developments and the investigation continues.

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